Friday, February 12, 2010

February 12 of 12

Happy February everyone! I'm going to try to keep this up for the whole year so I'm 2 of 2 so far. Once again, thanks to Chad for hosting the 12 of 12. Check out what everyone else did today at Chad's website.

10:30 am Gilbert, AZ - First stop of the day, the Post Office to mail off the last of the wedding invitations!

10:45 am Mesa, AZ - Headed to my condo to switch vehicles so I could use my government car to go do some work.

11:30 am Mesa, AZ - Next stop at Auto Zone to get some windshield washer fluid for my government car.

12:00 pm Phoenix, AZ - Headed into downtown Phoenix, and there was still a traffic jam at noon.

12:45 pm Phoenix, AZ - I see the same types of signs all over the place. I guess the labor unions hire a company to do their protesting for them. I guess they're too busy disputing to do their own protesting.

1:30 pm Phoenix, AZ - Had an appointment at a cafe for an interview to become a mentor for a local program.

2:45 pm Phoenix, AZ - Headed back home to trade out vehicles again and passed one of those evil mobile photo radar vehicles. Don't get me started about them...

4:30 pm Scottsdale, AZ - Headed to CD's office so we can go to a soccer game. Not sure the connection between hotdogs and oil changes.

4:45 pm Scottsdale, AZ - The calendar on CD's desk. I didn't think today was very funny.

5:15 pm Phoenix, AZ - Watching my future nephew's soccer game.

6:00 pm Phoenix, AZ - A nice AZ sunset.

6:15 pm Phoenix, AZ - The valentine that my future mother-in-law made for me.

All in all, a pretty good day, and a Friday on top of that. Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Great pictures! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I think the reason you didn't find the calendar funny is that you don't depend on the no-man's land to keep your irritating neighbors at bay -- hey, wait a minute, what does that say about *me*?

    What is a mobile photo radar watching vehicle thing? It just *sounds* evil.

    Nice 12! And congrats on the upcoming nups!

  3. Aww, nice valentine! And good luck with the wedding prep!

  4. How nice that you got a nice homemade Valentine! Great sunset photo! Thanks for sharing your day.