Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 12 of 12

Well, this is going to be a short and sweet 12 of 12 for January cause I put in a 12 hour work day and am exhausted. Thanks to Chad Darnell for heading up the movement. Head over to his website to see what everyone else did today and show your support for Chad. All the pictures today were taken in Las Vegas since I'm here for work this week.

7:30 am - My rental car for the week. It took me a couple times driving the Prius to figure out everything about it, including how to turn the car on. Anyone who was watching me the first time I tried to turn the car on probably was very amused by my inability to figure it out.

10:30 am - I found this very amusing. An ad to help fight your traffic tickets in Las Vegas.. Call 666-6666. I wonder if that is supposed to have a double meaning.

11:00 am - Stopping at the ATM to get some cash.

12 noon - A construction project on the Strip. I think it is interesting because nothing is flat and nothing is square. It has weird angles and I haven't been able to figure out what it is going to be yet.

12:30 pm - Lunch at Sammy's Wood Fired Pizzas. Grilled chicken salad with a homemade balsamic basil dressing. Yummy!

2:15 pm - My appointment at 2:30 wanted to meet me at a Starbucks which ended up being a good thing because I really needed an energy jolt. Unfortunately, the caffeine in my mocha (which is as close to coffee as I'll get) didn't seem to faze me.

3:50 pm - As if the caffeine from my mocha wasn't enough, I decided to stop at Raising Cane's to get a cup of what I consider to be the world's best iced tea.

3:56 pm - When you put the car in reverse, this handy dandy little screen comes up to show you what is directly behind the car.

4:39 pm - Doing pretty well on gas mileage, 48.2 MPG.

5:30 pm - One of the small issues I run into with my job comes when I need to use the bathroom (especially after several bottles of water, a mocha, and a large iced tea). When I'm going to people's homes and businesses all day, it can be difficult to find somewhere. My solution has been Target. They always have clean restrooms and I know where all of them are!

6:00 pm - Sunset, on my way to my final neighborhood of the night.

7:03 pm - I did pretty well today with an average of 49.8 mpg in the Prius. Over 12 hours after leaving my hotel I'm back and ready to crash for the night.

Thanks for visiting. See you next month.