Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 12 of 12

Well, I am a bit sad that this month will be the last of the 12 of 12. Chad has been a great host for the idea for the past few years and we all appreciate the work he has done. Today was a day of Christmas activities. Hope you enjoy!

10:30 am Gilbert, AZ - Checking out the weekly sales ads to see if I can find any more Christmas presents on sale.

11:30 am Gilbert, AZ - Spent some time watching an extremely boring Packers game.

1:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - Melting some chocolate to make chocolate truffles.

1:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - My husband being so kind as to help me clean up.

2:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Working on finishing putting up the Christmas lights, a task that was started over a week ago but still not finished.

2:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Our inflatable snowmen. It just isn't the same without the real snow.

4:30 pm - Starting on some sugar cookies with a girl that I mentor.

5:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - The beginnings of decorating the cookies.

8:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - After I had to take my helper home, I finished up the decorating.

8:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Some of the cookies that I did. Apparently the star in the upper left hand corner is a ninja throwing star. Oops, not so Christmassy.

9:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - After the cookie carnage and clean up, a whole bunch of decorated cookies.

10:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - One last look at our Christmas tree.

Thanks for stopping by. Next time I'll have come up with a new idea for blogging! And a big thanks to Chad again!