Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12 of 12

I'm so glad to be back after my two month mandatory hiatus. Thanks goes to Chad once again for the 12 of 12 idea. Head over to his website to see what everyone else was up to today. All the pictures were taken in Bar Harbor, Maine or in Acadia National Park.

12:30 pm - Tidal marshes, going across the bridge from Trenton, ME onto Mount Desert Island.

1:30 pm - On top of Cadillac Mountain

1:30 pm - Looking out over the town of Bar Harbor, ME from Cadillac Mountain.

1:30 pm - The Atlantic Ocean from the top of Cadillac Mountain.

1:40 pm - Remnants of fall colors from the top of Cadillac Mountain.

1:45 pm - Jordan Pond

2:00 pm - Not sure what it is, just thought it was pretty

2:15 pm - A mini waterfall on the side of the road coming down from the top of Cadillac Mountain.

3:00 pm - Cruise ship anchored near Bar Harbor.

3:30 pm - Lobster boat off the coast of Bar Harbor

4:00 pm - Right outside of my favorite ice cream shop in Bar Harbor

4:15 pm - Lobster ice cream. Yes, you read that right, LOBSTER ice cream. It actually wasn't too bad, just vanilla ice cream with frozen chunks of lobster meat. We had to try it.

So hopefully you've enjoyed taking a quick peek in on my little mini vacation I'm taking. In a few days it will be back to Arizona where my next 12 of 12 will be! See you next month.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12 of 12

As I'm sure everyone is thinking, I can't believe it's already July. But the heat in Phoenix is making it very real. Today was great because I was able to escape the 114 degrees in Arizona and head off to Michigan to see my parents. So here was my busy but much cooler day. You can head over to Chad's website to see what everyone else did today.

1:00 am Phoenix, AZ : We got to bed a bit late so I decided to start my pictorial day off at that time. So fast forward several hours to the next pic.

7:30 am Phoenix, AZ : Eggs for breakfast. They looked a little lonely so CD cut up some honeydew melon to eat as well.

10:00 am Phoenix, AZ : Waiting to board our flight to head of to the much cooler state of Michigan.

11:00 am Phoenix, AZ : Phoenix from the sky.

6:00 pm Chicago, IL : CD wanted to ask the flight attendant if we could stop by the sky mall on the way to Traverse City, MI but she didn't seem to have much of a sense of humor so he didn't ask.

6:15 pm between Chicago, IL and Traverse City, MI : CD found his next birthday present. Of course he wants it before hunting season.

8:00 pm Traverse City, MI : Leaving the airport. It was nice to see so much green.

8:20 pm between Traverse City, MI and Benzonia, MI : Driving south on 31 on the way to my parent's house.

9:00 pm Benzonia, MI : Arrived at the house.

9:15 pm Benzonia, MI : My wonderful mom had gluten free brownies waiting for me!

9:30 pm Benzonia, MI : The flowers outside of the house.

10:00 pm Benzonia, MI : I couldn't believe it but at 10 pm at night there was still a little bit of light left over from the sun.

Thanks for visiting. Check back next month to see what I'm up to.

Friday, June 12, 2009

June 12 of 12

It's good to be back after not being able to post last month. Welcome to my June installment of 12 of 12. Thanks to Chad for this great idea. Check out his website to see what everyone else did today. When I uploaded my pictures, I noticed a food theme. I guess the rest of my day was extremely boring. Enjoy!

11:30 am Mesa, AZ - I was out of town this week so while I was doing admin work and typing cases, I caught up on watching recorded shows. This was the Ballywood dance on So You Think You Can Dance. It's one of my favorite genres.

12:30 pm Mesa, AZ - Part of my lunch. Ham rollups stuffed with chive cream cheese and cucumber. Don't make a face, it's really good. Plus Diet Hansens soda is the best.

3:30 pm Mesa, AZ - The most evil of all chores, laundry. I hate folding clothes with a passion.

6:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Off to Fry's to get some food for dinner.

7:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Turned on the D'backs game and was happy to see they were leading already.

7:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - The sun setting behind some palms.

8:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - Part of dinner. New York strips on sale for $3.47 per pound!!

8:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - Another part of dinner. We left the husks on and put them on the grill, the best way to cook corn on the cob.

8:15 pm Gilbert, AZ - Waiting for the chicken grease to burn off of the grill left over from the coke can chicken made last weekend.

8:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Oops, ran out of fuel just as we put the steaks on the grill. Fortunately the corn was just about done and we broiled the steaks.

8:45 pm Gilbert, AZ - The finished plate. Sweet potato fries is one of my new favorite side dishes.

8:45 pm Gilbert, AZ - I was very excited to hear about Betty Crocker coming out with gluten free mixes (brownie, cookies, and cake) so we had to try it. Right now as I'm posting this, I'm enjoying a brownie for the first time in a long time.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you next month.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12 of 12

Happy Easter everyone. As always, the latest installment of my 12 of 12. Thanks to Chad for the great idea. Head over to his website to see what everyone else did. Today, CD and I went to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens in the morning to see the Chihuly exhibit in the daylight. I know I posted picture from the exhibit a few months ago, but they were at night. I took a bunch of color saturation pictures that turned out well so I decided to post some of those along with some of the wildlife we saw in the gardens. All of these pictures were taken in the gardens between 11 am and 1 pm. Enjoy!

CD took this incredible picture thanks to my great Nikon camera.

We saw several Hummingbirds in the parts of the gardens with the wildflowers.

This lizard was doing push ups for us.

A King snake slithering away from us.

A Bull Frog trying to blend in with the pond. We only found him once he croaked for us.

We saw lots of butterflies too.

Color saturation of the Sun.

Color saturation of the Mexican Hat.

Yet another color saturation.

Color saturation of one of the two boats in the gardens.

One of my favorite color saturation pictures.

Another of my favorites.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my day. I hope you had a great Easter. Check back next month to see what I'm up to.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12 of 12

Welcome to my March entry of 12 of 12. Check out Chad's website who started the 12 of 12 movement and to see what everyone else did today. I was once again in Las Vegas for the 12th. My day was pretty boring, just a few interviews, so here are some pictures from the most interesting parts of my day.

11:30 am Outside of Las Vegas - Just north of the city is the turn off to get to Mt. Charleston. I've never been there so I decided to take a drive that way during some of my down time. I didn't get all the way there but this is one of the pull offs I stopped at.

11:30 am Outside of Las Vegas - I'm fascinated by the mountains that surround Las Vegas, especially with the contrast between the colors on the mountain and the colors of the desert.

11:30 am Outside of Las Vegas - Mt. Charleston in the distance, and a ski area on the right.

6:30 pm Bellagio Conservatory - I skipped the middle part of my day since all I did was interviews, in which I can't take pictures. After dinner, I went over to the Bellagio to see the Spring exhibit. It was a garden full of tulips, one of my favorite flowers, so I was pretty excited!

6:30 am Bellagio Conservatory - A ball of flowing water in the exhibit.

6:30 pm Bellagio Conservatory - Tulips

6:30 pm Bellagio Conservatory - Tulips

6:30 pm Bellagio Conservatory - Tulips

6:30 pm Bellagio Conservatory - Tulips

6:30 pm Bellagio Conservatory - A snail made out of roses

6:30 pm Bellagio Conservatory - Massive watering cans!

6:30 pm Bellagio Conservatory - A Japanese stone garden, part of the exhibit.

Thanks for sharing my day with me. I hope you were able to see some beautiful things today too! See you agin next month.