Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 12 of 12

I can't believe that there are only 3 more 12ths of the month after today! Short and sweet, take 12 pictures of your day, post them, and link it back to Chad's website. Then take a look over there and see what everyone else did today!

12 noon Tempe, AZ - I went to The Dump with my friend to look at some furniture, in particular, round dining room tables. This one was ruled out because of the white legs.

12 noon Tempe, AZ - A definite possibility although I wasn't crazy about the fabric on the chairs.

12 noon Tempe, AZ - My number one pick. It was beautiful and there was a drawer underneath the table to store things like table cloths!

12 noon Tempe, AZ - This was the other one I liked a lot. It was much more affordable but not made nearly as well.

12:15 pm Tempe, AZ - Also found a desk I really like to replace my last one I had.

1:00 pm Chandler, AZ - Then we went to have lunch at the Elephant Bar. Yum!!!

1:00 pm Chandler, AZ - These are the door handles at The Elephant Bar. Very appropriate.

2:00 pm Chandler, AZ - A candid shot of my friend, Stacey, who went shopping with me today. We had a blast.

4:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - Fast forward a couple hours, making a quick stop to look for some shoes and a shirt.

4:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Back at home, checking to see how I'm doing on my football pool. So far doing well, only three wrong picks so far.

5:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Watching the Dallas and Washington game.

5:35 pm Gilbert, AZ - Checking out how everyone else picked in the pool. I was doing well until the Cowboys lost. Oh well, 16 more weeks to try and win!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my day. See you next month.