Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12 of 12

Well, the honeymoon is over and we're back home trying to get our lives in order. Merging two households is not easy, especially when each of us have been living on our own for so long. So for the past few weeks I've been moving my stuff from my condo to our house and getting the condo ready to rent out. So here's my (not very exciting) day today. Thanks goes out to Chad for hosting the 12 of 12. Check out his website to see what everyone else did today. All the pictures were taken in Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona.

11:30 am Mesa, AZ - At the condo installing new fans to update the place a bit. First one in, one more to go.

1:30 pm Mesa, AZ - The stack of stuff I've gotten rid of so far, ready to be taken to Goodwill. What you don't see is the four boxes of clothes included in the load.

2:30 pm Mesa, AZ - Forbidden Red, the color we're going to use to cover up the bright red wall in the condo.

6:00 pm Mesa, AZ - Still trying to figure out if we want to keep the toilet and put it in our house, or get rid of it. It looks a bit funny on the balcony.

6:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - One of our spare bedrooms has become a store room for my stuff brought over from the condo.

7:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - Brought home dinner from Pei Wei. Yummy pad thai.

8:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Doing some laundry so I'll have all clean clothes to pack tomorrow for my trip to Spokane.

9:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - We started painting the bathroom yesterday, and my wonderful husband left me this message on the wall when I was getting cleaned up.

9:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - Another message he left (the medicine cabinet is going there).

9:15 pm Gilbert, AZ - We had a contractor come in to put some more plugs in the bathroom and he has this little quirk where all the screws have to be pointing the same direction on the face plates. All of them were like this one.

9:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Getting ready to put on another coat of paint.

11:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - The painting is almost finished and the medicine cabinets are up. One more coat on the back wall and it will be done. Such a cheery yellow!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my day. See you next month.