Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 12 of 12

Well, I am a bit sad that this month will be the last of the 12 of 12. Chad has been a great host for the idea for the past few years and we all appreciate the work he has done. Today was a day of Christmas activities. Hope you enjoy!

10:30 am Gilbert, AZ - Checking out the weekly sales ads to see if I can find any more Christmas presents on sale.

11:30 am Gilbert, AZ - Spent some time watching an extremely boring Packers game.

1:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - Melting some chocolate to make chocolate truffles.

1:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - My husband being so kind as to help me clean up.

2:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Working on finishing putting up the Christmas lights, a task that was started over a week ago but still not finished.

2:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Our inflatable snowmen. It just isn't the same without the real snow.

4:30 pm - Starting on some sugar cookies with a girl that I mentor.

5:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - The beginnings of decorating the cookies.

8:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - After I had to take my helper home, I finished up the decorating.

8:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Some of the cookies that I did. Apparently the star in the upper left hand corner is a ninja throwing star. Oops, not so Christmassy.

9:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - After the cookie carnage and clean up, a whole bunch of decorated cookies.

10:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - One last look at our Christmas tree.

Thanks for stopping by. Next time I'll have come up with a new idea for blogging! And a big thanks to Chad again!

Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12 of 12

It didn't dawn on me until later today that it was the 12th, so I missed a large portion of the day. But during that time all I did was take a six hour round trip from Phoenix to Flagstaff and back for 15 minutes worth of work. It is a pretty drive, but I didn't have my camera so my 12 of 12 starts in the afternoon. Check out what everyone else did by heading over to Chad's website. Enjoy!

2:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - I came home to my husband watching the news, to which he said, "This guy looks like he's dead and has come back to life as a zombie".

2:45 pm Gilbert, AZ - I stopped at the Under Armour outlet store in Anthem on the way home from Flagstaff. I could do some damage in that store.

5:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - After getting back from my workout, I used my new Keurig to brew some hot apple cider. Yum!

6:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - The obligatory sunset shot (a good fall back when I forget to take pics earlier in the day).

6:10 pm Gilbert, AZ - A tribute to my friend's two dogs, who both start howling as soon as this song comes on as the theme song for CSI. It's quite humorous to watch.

6:20 pm Chandler, AZ - Dropping off some lawn chairs at J&J's house.

6:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - On our way to get some dinner. I guess we went over a bump when I took the picture but the effect was interesting.

7:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - My (almost finished) dinner of Macadamia Nut crusted chicken with white cheddar mashed potatoes and veggies. The orange stuff in the cup is a pineapple-papaya marmalade which is incredible on the chicken. If you go to Kona Grill I would definitely recommend this dish!

7:35 pm Gilbert, AZ - The lights over the table at the restaurant. I'll let you use your imagination as to what they look like ;-)

7:45 Gilbert, AZ - Leaving dinner. The shopping center did not waste any time putting up the holiday lights.

8:30 Gilbert, AZ - At home for the night playing some cards and having some wine.

8:45 pm Gilbert, AZ - So far I'm not doing too well, and as it turns out, I lost pretty badly.

Thanks for stopping by. Come back next month for the last 12 of 12!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12 of 12

Once again, I am at my home away from home (Las Vegas). So my 12 of 12 is from there today. Check out Chad's website to see what everyone else did today.

8:30 am Las Vegas : Leaving my hotel. I though the picture of the contrail going into the sun looked neat.

12:30 pm Las Vegas : Skip forward a few hours, which were spent on Nellis Air Force Base where I couldn't take pictures. Lunch at one of my favorite places, Sammy's! Grilled chicken salad with homemade basil balsamic vinaigrette with feta and walnuts.

4:30 pm Las Vegas : Skip forward another few hours of work where I couldn't take pictures. I spent a lot of time in the car today so this is what I saw a lot. It amazes me that I drove 175 miles today and never left the city limits.

6:20 pm Las Vegas : Watching the sunset before I go meet with someone else.

9:30 pm Bellagio : I finally finished work so I went over to the Bellagio conservatory to see the fall exhibit they had set up. This was a real pumpkin and huge!

9:30 pm Bellagio : "Fantasy Tree" which was made of 420,000 feet of willow branches.

9:30 pm Bellagio : A "working" Venus Fly Trap.

9:30 pm Bellagio : A whole bunch of ornamental peppers.

9:30 pm Bellagio : The Man in the Tree.

9:30 pm Bellagio : Another real HUGE pumpkin.

9:30 pm Bellagio : An even bigger, although slight discolored, pumpkin.

9:30 pm Bellagio : The size of the above pumpkin. Half a ton!

Thanks for joining me today in my endeavors. Only two more months left of 12 of 12 so let's make it two good months!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 12 of 12

I can't believe that there are only 3 more 12ths of the month after today! Short and sweet, take 12 pictures of your day, post them, and link it back to Chad's website. Then take a look over there and see what everyone else did today!

12 noon Tempe, AZ - I went to The Dump with my friend to look at some furniture, in particular, round dining room tables. This one was ruled out because of the white legs.

12 noon Tempe, AZ - A definite possibility although I wasn't crazy about the fabric on the chairs.

12 noon Tempe, AZ - My number one pick. It was beautiful and there was a drawer underneath the table to store things like table cloths!

12 noon Tempe, AZ - This was the other one I liked a lot. It was much more affordable but not made nearly as well.

12:15 pm Tempe, AZ - Also found a desk I really like to replace my last one I had.

1:00 pm Chandler, AZ - Then we went to have lunch at the Elephant Bar. Yum!!!

1:00 pm Chandler, AZ - These are the door handles at The Elephant Bar. Very appropriate.

2:00 pm Chandler, AZ - A candid shot of my friend, Stacey, who went shopping with me today. We had a blast.

4:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - Fast forward a couple hours, making a quick stop to look for some shoes and a shirt.

4:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Back at home, checking to see how I'm doing on my football pool. So far doing well, only three wrong picks so far.

5:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - Watching the Dallas and Washington game.

5:35 pm Gilbert, AZ - Checking out how everyone else picked in the pool. I was doing well until the Cowboys lost. Oh well, 16 more weeks to try and win!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my day. See you next month.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12 of 12

Another month has come and gone and we're already into August and already at the 12th. So here's my my day. Check out what others did by visiting Chad's website. I had surgery on my foot just over a week ago and I haven't been able to do much so my day was pretty uneventful. I tried to take the few things I did today and make interesting pictures out of them. Hopefully it worked. All the pictures were taken in Gilbert, Arizona.

10:00 am - The above mentioned foot. I've been doing much better walking but it's still another week before I'm allowed to drive.

10:30 am - I ended up working about half a day typing cases. My attempt to make an interesting picture of my case envelopes.

12:30 - Lunch was leftover Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp from dinner last night at The Cheesecake Factory.

2:00 pm - Taking care of some laundry.

3:00 pm - Unloaded the dishwasher. Some of the Fiestaware we received for wedding gifts.

3:15 pm - Then I spent some time cutting up a watermelon.

3:30 pm - The mentioned watermelon after being cut up.

6:00 pm - Getting ready to go out to get some dinner. I have to wrap up my foot and wear the special "shoe".

6:30 pm - A reminder that we need to buy a blower. The driveway is covered in Mesquite beans this time of year and this is after already sweeping up a big pile of them.

6:30 pm - Our beautiful new car (that is primarily for me) which I haven't been able to drive yet because of my surgery :(

7:45 pm - The moon and first star of the night.

8:00 pm - We ended the night by getting two scoops of Double Strawberry custard from Culvers. Yummy!

Thanks again for stopping by. Hope you had a great 12th. Come back next month to see what we all have been up to!