Saturday, April 12, 2008

April 12 of 12

Well, April 12 came up on me quickly. My morning was pretty boring so I decided to show you my afternoon and evening. I must preface this entry with the fact that I am not a redneck or a huge Nascar fan. But I was offered a free ticket to the race today and didn't have anything else planned so I thought, why not, it could be interesting. Even if the race is boring, I can go and make fun of the rednecks!!! So here's this month's installment of the 12 of 12. Thanks to Chad Darnell, the brainchild of this great idea. Head over to Chad's website to see what everyone else was doing today.

4:15 pm Phoenix, Arizona - The park and ride lot. Only at a Nascar race will you find someone who drove his/her big rig to the race.

4:20 pm Phoenix, Arizona - We were getting ready to get on the shuttle to go to the race track when some of these very kind strangers offered us some free beer. Apparently, you can't take large or hard side coolers to the race, so they had to get rid of all their beer before they left. We happily obliged in helping them out.

5:00 pm Phoenix, Arizona - Here we are at the race, the Subway Fresh Fit 500.

5:10 pm Phoenix, Arizona - One of the pre-race festivities, Army Rangers parachuting out of the sky.

5:10 pm Phoenix, Arizona - An up close shot of a parachuter.

5:15 pm Phoenix, Arizona - The race track. We had pretty good seats, and I can't complain since they were free tickets.

5:20 pm Phoenix, Arizona - Another pre-race surprise, a fly over by some Army helicopters.

5:25 pm Phoenix, Arizona - One of the race cars before the start of the race. This is Kasey Kahne's car. He finished 36th.

5:35 pm Phoenix, Arizona - The Goodyear blimb watching the race from above.

5:50 pm Phoenix, Arizona - One of the pace laps before the race started. #48 is Jimmie Johnsons' car who won the race.

5:50 pm Phoenix, Arizona - My $7 can of beer. At least it was 16 ounces, instead of the usual 12 ounces.

5:55 pm Phoenix, Arizona - And they're off!!! It was definitely an interesting afternoon and evening. We stuck around until just after the first major crash, then left. But still, all in all, a good day. Till next month...