Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 12 of 12

Well, here's my installment of this month's 12 of 12. I was hoping I could come up with some interesting pictures since it's Saturday. Anyone who knows me knows that the past couple weeks have been really rough and difficult to deal with. So I decided to take pictures of anything that made me smile or at least made me feel a little bit better. Head over to Chad's website to see what 12 of 12 is all about.

10:00 am Mesa, AZ - Leaving my condo. I liked the pattern the clouds made in the sky. It's monsoon season so we actually have clouds right now.

12:30 pm Mesa, AZ - Leaving lunch. Maybe we'll have some respite from the sun today.

12:30 pm Mesa, AZ - Leaving lunch. Maybe the rains from the monsoons will keep the flowers blooming.

12:30 pm Mesa, AZ - I liked seeing the sun rays come down from the clouds.

1:00 pm Chandler, AZ - The wind started picking up. Maybe blowing in another storm.

1:15 pm Chandler, AZ - More clouds, looking more and more like a storm

1:15 pm Chandler, AZ - But a 180 degree turn still showed some blue sky.

6:00 pm Mesa, AZ - Back home again, looking at the same view from this morning, but with a few more clouds.

6:15 pm Mesa, AZ - Back home again, checking the score. My Red Sox are winning, so I'm happy.

6:20 pm Mesa, AZ - At least the humidity is back down, even if the temperature is back up again.

6:30 pm Mesa, AZ - One of my purchases from my retail therapy for the day.

6:30 pm Mesa, AZ - Another one of my retail therapy purchases.

Until next month...