Friday, September 12, 2008

September 12 of 12

Well, the 12th came up on me really quickly this month. I didn't have a very interesting day but here's a bit of what I did. Check out what everyone else did today by visiting Chad's site. Thanks to Chad for the 12 of 12 idea.

7:00 am Mesa, AZ - The temperature when I woke up today. I was thrilled to see it in the 70s. I think our summer is finally coming to an end.

8:00 am Mesa, AZ - I finally took my new sunglasses out of the box. They are my new favorite Oakleys.

8:15 am Mesa, AZ - Made a quick stop at Starbucks only to be very disappointed that my new favorite drink, the mint mocha chip frappuccino was a summer drink so it's not on the menu anymore. Back to the boring regular mocha frappuccino.

12:30 pm Chandler, AZ - I spent several hours in my office where I can't take pictures so fast forward four hours and I stopped for gas. I think the Chevron cartoon cars are really cute.

12:30 pm Chandler, AZ - A reminder for myself that my government vehicle mileage reporting is due tomorrow. Plus, when I get home and go to report my miles, I can just turn on my camera instead of having to go back outside to check the odometer.

12:40 pm Chandler, AZ - Made a stop at Lowes to pick up paint color samples. I had already picked out my colors with Behr paint but due to popular vote, I think I'm going to switch to Valspar.

1:15 pm Mesa, AZ - The color candidates.

1:30 pm Mesa, AZ - Checking my mail. I recently got a new Discover card, but I still haven't received the actual card because they didn't have the unit number on the address so it was sent back. But...I got a statement today, and I still don't have the card!

1:35 pm Mesa, AZ - This is the time of year I begin to appreciate living in Arizona again.

1:35 pm Mesa, AZ - A beautiful day

4:05 pm Mesa, AZ - I turn on the Rays and Yankees game but discover that it is in a rain delay. I'm temporarily going to be a Yankee fan for the next few days so that the Red Sox can catch the Rays.

4:15 pm Mesa, AZ - Must to my pleasure, they are now showing the Red Sox game. Pretty good considering about half of the MLB games are delayed or postponed right now.

So there you go. In October the 12th is on the weekend so hopefully I'll do something a bit more interesting. If you haven't joined the 12 of 12 bandwagon, jump on! Until next month...