Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February 12 of 12

So here it is again, the 12th day of the month, and once again I woke up in a strange bed (ok, I know what you're thinking so get your mind out of the gutter). I'm traveling again for work, this time to Albuquerque. Unfortunately, I didn't have much excitement today, but this is one of my typical ordinary days. Thanks to Chad for coming up with the 12 of 12 idea. Head over to his website to see what everyone else was up to today.

9:30 am Rio Rancho - It was really, really windy today. One of those days that your car door tries to slam shut when you open it.

9:30 am Rio Rancho - My first stop of the day, the Rio Rancho Police Department to run a criminal check on a subject of an investigation.

10:00 am Rio Rancho - As I was driving to my next stop, I thought this was kinda neat. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's a lot of flat land, and then a mountain. (Which I think may be Taos).

12:30 pm Rio Rancho - A stop for a jamaican jerk chicken wrap and a smoothie for lunch, yum!

1:40 pm Rio Rancho - I think this is part of the Sandia Mountains. They have a tram that goes up to the top but I never have time to go on it.

1:40 pm Rio Rancho - Sandia Mountains again

3:00 pm - I had about an hour and a half to kill before I had to be anywhere else so I went to Starbucks to do some school work.

5:30 pm Rio Rancho - Sitting in traffic looking for somewhere to get some dinner.

5:35 pm Rio Rancho - Still sitting in traffic and bored. I thought the clouds and contrails looked neat.

5:45 pm Rio Rancho - Sandia Mountains again, but in a different light.

6:00 pm Rio Rancho - Doing some school work while waiting for dinner.

6:15 pm - Dinner, Key West grilled shrimp and broccoli. I got some strange looks when I took a picture, but the looks were better than the ones I get when people see me eating dinner alone and feel bad for me. Only I know that I'm not choosing to eat alone, I don't have a choice when I'm traveling!

So there it is. One of my very typical, not very interesting days. See you next month!


  1. Mmm - the food, it looks and sounds so good! Perhaps we'll be able to have some now that we are headed your way.
    I hope the school work is going well and isn't keeping you too terribly busy, although I imagine it accomplishing something pretty close to that.
    Excellent 12 of 12!
    ~ CC

  2. I'd rather have my car door blown shut than blown open. Happened to me a couple of years ago and the door doesn't shut right half the time.

    I eat alone all the time. I guess it's easier being a guy, but I usually sit at the bar and end up having conversations with people sitting next to me. Last night, on my birthday, I had a nice dinner and conversation with the fellow next to me, also had several short cell phone conversations. Yeah I know it's sad eating alone on your birthday, but I was cruising around the Hawaiin islands two weeks ago. So it all equals out.

    I really like the pics of the surrounding mountains. The erosion patterns reminds me of the mountains in Hawaii.

  3. What a lovely blue sky and sun - factor in the Starbucks, and I'd have been happy!

    Helen (Dogeared)