Saturday, January 12, 2008

January 12 of 12

So, the start of a new year. I don't think I can top last month's installment of 12 of 12. But at the last minute a few friends asked me if I wanted to go shooting with them, so I thought, why not? It would be fun and probably make for some interesting pictures for the day. We spent several hours out in the desert shooting a variety of rifles. Head over to Chad's site to check out what everyone else did today.

11:00 am - We set up targets about 75 yards away.

11:00 am - Clay pigeons

11:15 am - Shooting the 22, the first rifle I've ever shot. Not too heavy and not too much recoil. It was a bolt action so we had to load each round individually.

11:30 am - Yikes, the ammo for the next rifle we shot. A bit bigger than the last one.

11:35 am - Shooting the 1903 Springfield rifle. It had an incredible kickback. The first time I shot it, it wasn't positioned correctly on my shoulder and now I have a massive bone bruise on my collarbone. Another bolt action rifle.

12:05 pm - One of the targets. Most of my shots are on the right. They weren't in the middle of the target but they were all together in the same vicinity. I was told that it was good because if the sight had been zeroed for me, then they would have been all in the black part of the target.

12:10 pm - Getting a bit of coaching from one of the guys.

12:25 pm - The three other guys who went out. One had never shot anything before and the other two are gun collectors.

12:45 pm - This is the M1 Carbine (I think) with the bayonet attached. The recoil was much less than the last one so it was easier to shoot. This was a semi-automatic.

1:15 pm - I think this is an M1 Garand. I could be wrong but we didn't shoot this one. I just wanted a picture because it was HUGE and really heavy (and very intimidating). Another semi-automatic.

2:00 pm - My favorite shot of the day, the AR15. It is the civilian version of the M16. The only real difference is that this one is only semi-automatic, not fully automatic. The guys were trying to get me to look mean for the picture but they just kept making me laugh, so it didn't work.

So, there was my day. I had never shot rifles before but I can say that I'm hooked. It was a lot of fun and great stress relief.


  1. That is pretty different to Las Vegas, you're right! [lol]


  2. Cool. I despise guns, but if it floats your boat, I guess go for it.

  3. I'll be careful not to piss you off! Hahaha!