Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12 of 12

So now we're half way through the last year of the 12 of 12 :( Thanks to Chad for hosting all this time. Check out his website to see what everyone else was up to today. All my pictures were taken in and around the Phoenix metro area. Enjoy!

9:00 am Gilbert, AZ - I guess it rained a bit last night. Just enough to leave annoying water spots all over my car.

10:00 am Phoenix, AZ - First stop of the day was at the University of Phoenix to pick up some transcripts.

11:00 am Tempe, AZ - Next stop was Arizona State University for some checks. Of course they have the street torn up where I usually park, so I had to park further away, which wouldn't be so bad except that it was already over 100 degrees.

1:00 pm Chandler, AZ - After wasting a bunch of time at ASU chasing after a record that didn't exist, I went to the Chandler Police Department for a check.

1:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - What, construction on the streets in Gilbert? NO WAY!!! (said with a slightly sarcastic tone). The street construction here does not stop.

1:45 pm Gilbert, AZ - Next stop was the Gilbert Police Department for another check. This is the statue out in front of the building.

2:15 pm Gilbert, AZ - Stopped for a quick small lunch before I headed off to self defense class.

4:15 pm Gilbert, AZ - Driving home for a quick shower before I go out to do more work, I pass this mutantly tall corn that is in a bunch of fields around Gilbert.

6:45 pm Gilbert, AZ - Finally done with my appointments for the day and realized that I better get more fuel before I head out for work tomorrow.

7:00 pm Gilbert, AZ - This was the epitome of my day. I just wanted to get home but every light I hit was red.

7:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - After getting home and getting settled in, I started watching the home run derby which I recorded. Go CY, one of our Diamondbacks in the derby!

7:30 pm Gilbert, AZ - But I have to be faithful to my Red Sox and root for Big Papi to win.

Thanks for stopping by. Six more 12 of 12 posts.


  1. OK we've had heat, but not that high, yikes...though we have humidity that sucks. Hope the game was fun to watch!

  2. Thanks for sharing your day. The corn picture was interesting. I also enjoyed having a look around your town through your lens. Arizona kind of looks as I would expect. I would have thought that rain would be a good thing? I know it sure is here. At the same time it was wrong of me to assume you were complaining about the rain when you could have been just commenting. Anyway, thanks again and we'll see you next month...