Saturday, December 13, 2008

December 12 of 12

I was very excited about December 12 of 12 because I went to Luminaria at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix tonight. The entire gardens were filled with luminaries lining the walkways and there were musicians, groups, and singers performing. Not only was it Luminaria tonight, but I also got to see Chihuly: The Nature of Glass. All the pictures are from different handblown glass sculptures place throughout the gardens. The artist designed much of the show specifically for the gardens. As always, the credit goes to Chad for this great idea. Since I can't fit all my great pics in the 12 of 12, check further for other pics I can post. Unfortunately I forgot to the get the names of each piece so the captions are my interpretations. Enjoy.

5:45 pm Phoenix, AZ - The Sun

5:45 pm Phoenix, AZ - Close up of the Sun

6:00 pm Phoenix, AZ - Blending in with the cacti

6:15 pm Phoenix, AZ - Chandelier?

7:00 pm Phoenix, AZ - Big Blue

7:00 pm Phoenix, AZ - Close up of Big Blue

7:15 pm Phoenix, AZ - Blue #2

7:45 pm Phoenix, AZ - Boat full of glass balls

7:45 pm Phoenix, AZ - Close up of glass balls

8:15 pm Phoenix, AZ - Mexican Hat

8:20 pm Phoenix, AZ - Oceans

8:30 pm Phoenix, AZ - Neon Tower

I had a fantastic night with a couple good friends. The pictures do not do the sculptures justice in any way. If you are in the Phoenix area, check out the show because it is incredible. It's on display through the end of May 2009. Stay tuned for more!


  1. Wow, those are awesome!! Wish we had something like that here!!

    Happy holidays!

  2. Ooh, LOVE the Chihouly! I saw his pieces on display at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens a few years ago. Nothing compares. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Holy cow! Those are awesome! That is very cool. Happy Holidays!


  4. That must have been what I saw at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in October/November this year! I definitely saw a blue one very like the first few you posted. And a dangling one in the cactus area.

    Helen (Dogeared)
    Sorry for being late again - had a nightmare train trip home after a weekend away (got home at 5:20am, no sleep), and it's still messing my sleep up now! Happy Christmas and New Year!