Monday, October 13, 2008

October 12 of 12

I was delighted when I looked at the calendar and realized that the 12th of October fell on a day when I was in Hawaii. I ended up doing a whole lot of fun things today and had a hard time deciding which pictures to put up. So instead, I picked my favorite part of the day to show you. Thanks to Chad who is the brainchild of this brilliant idea.

4:00 pm Honolulu, HI: We ate a late lunch/early dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, one of my favorite restaurants. There are two signs on the table. This one and one that says "Stop Forrest Stop". You put the Stop sign up if you need something at your table.

5:00 PM Waikiki, HI: After our meal we headed over to go on a sunset Mai Tai boat ride. This was the Catamaran that we took out.

5:15 PM: I had to take a picture because I thought this sign was funny. I would hope that the boat wouldn't tip at all, but we made sure we left a good tip for the Bar Tender/Lifeguard/First Mate on the boat.

5:30 PM: Waikiki, HI: Headed out away from the beach. This is Diamond Head, a volcano that blew up a long time ago. We're planning on hiking it tomorrow.

5:45 PM The Pacific Ocean, HI: The start of sunset. Of course on a Mai Tai cruise you have to partake in the festivities. So a Mai Tai in one of my hands with the other hand holding on so I didn't go over the railing into the ocean.

6:00 PM The Pacific Ocean, HI: A continuation of the sunset.

6:10 PM The Pacific Ocean, HI: Still more sunset

6:15 PM The Pacific Ocean, HI: Sunset with the state of Hawaii flag.

6:20 PM The Pacific Ocean, HI: The last of the sunset.

6:25 PM Waikiki, HI: The moon over Diamond Head.

6:30 PM Waikiki, HI: Headed back into shore looking at the Waikiki shoreline after sunset.

6:30 PM Waikiki, HI: The Waikiki shoreline through the sail lines of the boat.

So there was my day. If I had been able to, I would have also shared some of my pictures from my surfing lesson, but alas, it's 12 of 12, not 24 of 12. I hope you enjoyed it. See you next month.


  1. WOW! Lucky you! That is so awesome that you are in Hawaii. We have GOT to catch up! I mean, I'm in the US finally and DUDE, Hawaii?!?! I am oh so envious!

    Excellent photos and I hope to talk to you soon!

  2. Oh wow, Hawaii looks beautiful. And add in a Mai Tai? SOLD!

  3. Sounds like a pretty awesome way to do a 12 of 12 day to me! Sunset, alcohol, being on the water... fantastic! And you got some really cool photos.

    As for it not being 24 of 12... pfft, just got to think laterally. Make another post with your surfing photos, then link to it in the 12 of 12 post, and say "For more Hawaii fun, see this post here!"

    Easy :D

    Hope the rest of your trip is wonderful!

  4. I sooooooooooooo love Hawaii and wish I had moved there when I had the chance. Each time I visit, more and more of my friends say they thought this would be the time I don't come back. You pix are beautiful. Hope you had an amzing time.