Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12 of 12

November - My second installment of the 12 of 12, an idea created by Chad Darnell.
Jump over to his website to see what everyone else did today.

8:46 am - Since it was a holiday for me today, I got a late start after staying up way too late last night.

10:15 am - First order of business on my agenda, let Luis, my trainer, torture me for an hour.

11:45 am - Upon getting home from training, much to my delight, it was only 70 degrees outside. I hope we're done with the 90 degree days for the year.

12:15 pm - Bonus Picture "Grateful". I am grateful to all of the men and women who serve in the military and protect our freedom, especially my personal friends, of which three just got back from Iraq.

4:45 pm - After doing a whole lot of nothing this afternoon, I met a friend at Dave & Buster's for an early dinner.

6:00 pm - Walking around Tempe Marketplace

6:30 pm - Then a stop at Borders on Mill Avenue

6:30 pm - Tempe doesn't waste anytime getting their holiday light up

7:15 pm - Parking at the airport. Mental note to myself to remember where I parked.

7:15 pm - Another reminder to myself, it's Garage B, not Garage A

7:20 pm - Waiting for the shuttle bus to get to the terminal

8:00 pm - My first stab at Southwest's new boarding procedure. I don't really know what A32 means, but in the past, A=good.

8:45 pm - Waiting for my flight at the airport (my second home) which should start boarding around 9 pm.


  1. Oh, I really like the lights on the trees! Very pretty!

    Helen, 12 of 12er

  2. Chrismas lights on the treeeeees Yay !! that's so pretty !!